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Groupe AFFI Logistique

A marketing partnership that goes above and beyond the mandate

What our team accomplished with AFFI Logistique

The advantage of working with Bang is the breadth of our expertise. We touch upon every possible marketing discipline – but not with every mandate, of course! Here’s what we did for Groupe AFFI Logistique.

  • Brand strategy
  • Value propositions
  • Slogan
  • Website creation
  • Video testimonials
  • Digital marketing campaigns (Google Ads, LinkedIn)
  • Sales tools (direct marketing, Power Point, booth)
  • LinkedIn training for business development
  • Interior decoration for their factory

Here are the results – That’s what really matters!

Unique positioning

In today’s competitive and social contexts, Groupe AFFI Logistique needed to showcase its differentiating edge. As a successful adapted company , it has a clear and distinctive advantage – one that is now highlighted in its slogan, Different is efficient.

Compelling employer branding

Groupe AFFI Logistique entrusted us with the job of outfitting their expansive offices with their brand colours: banners, traffic signs, and illustrations liven up the environment and cultivate a sense of belonging among employees.

Strategic business development

A personalized LinkedIn strategy, a direct marketing campaign via a dedicated landing page, a sales presentation centered around client benefits: AFFI is now perfectly equipped to convince growing companies to outsource their logistics with them!

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