Taking the market by storm with a new brand identity




A wealth of expertise — that’s the advantage of working with Bang. Our services cover all marketing fields and are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Here’s how we helped Edgegap reach their goals.

  • Web copywriting (English only)
  • Design and web animation
  • PowerPoint template
  • Positioning strategy enhancement
  • Establishment of tone guidelines
  • Formulation of targeted sales messages

Check out the results – They speark for themselves!

Complex offer, simplified message

Those who visited Edgegap’s website were left confused by the company’s highly sophisticated product offering and complex technology. It was therefore imperative to fine-tune Edgegap’s positioning and create a new identity that would boost the brand’s reputation in the gaming industry.

Our team streamlined key communication points and created value propositions that better reflected the company’s distinctive benefits while ensuring that the team’s unique spirit shone through.

A brand identity that stands out

Our creative direction helped the company develop a modern, simple, and vibrant tech-oriented visual identity that stood out. We also created a new, colourful graphic charter that revitalized the brand. We then presented the company with a new signature, logo variations, and numerous dynamic marketing tools.

A fully revamped website

easy to navigate and engaging, it features the latest in web design trends. It’s also in perfect harmony with the company’s accessible, robust, and user-friendly offering.

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