Convincing business owners to choose fort, for their insurance and employee benefits




A wealth of expertise — that’s the advantage of working with Bang. Our services cover all marketing fields and are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Here’s how we helped FORT reach their goals.

  • Brand and positioning strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Brand signature and manifesto
  • Digital content strategy
  • Search engine optimization strategy
  • Website creation
  • LinkedIn company page set up
  • Creation of a microsite

Check out the results – they speak for themselves!

Positioning that reflects the brand’s vision

A change in management led FORT to review its positioning. Thanks to a thorough business analysis, strong value propositions and clear objectives, this corporate insurance broker now has a strategy and a service offering that’s in line with its vision.

A website focused on client benefits

The website was designed to address client needs rather than showcase products. By speaking directly to business owners about their day-to-day issues, FORT positioned itself as a trusted partner that offers optimal insurance and employee benefits solutions.

A human approach

FORT differentiates itself through its team’s expertise, not its products. They not only provide customized solutions for each client but do so with a human approach. By using unpretentious and natural-looking environmental portraits, we were able to showcase FORT’s approachable nature.

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