An employer brand that’s
not afraid to think
outside the box



A wealth of expertise — that’s the advantage of working with Bang. Our services cover all marketing fields and are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Here’s how we helped Rheinmetall Canada reach their goals.

  • Employer branding strategy
  • Mission, vision and values statements
  • HR communication tools
  • Career microsite
  • Ambassador program
  • Employee referral program
  • Redesign of job posting templates
  • Talent recruitment campaign
  • Content strategy

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Redefining the employer brand

Unique and relevant benefits should be at the heart of a clear and successful employer differentiation strategy, especially during a labour shortage. Rheinmetall’s latest strategy makes way for a new brand personality: a well-rounded team that isn’t afraid to innovate.

An employee-centric approach

Focusing on the best we have to offer is the key to a successful employer brand. Teamwork, employee leadership, and a willingness to go above and beyond are all part of Rheinmetall’s day-to-day values. We helped them leveraged these values, mobilizing the workforce through interactive workshops to create a cohesive environment.

A shift toward lead generation

Attracting new talents is quite a challenge in the field of technology. By increasing brand awareness via social media and developing target-oriented messages, we made it easier for the in-house team and external recruitment agency to find the right candidates.

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