Your B2B Marketing Agency

Your target changes.
Your strategy must adapt.

This is Normand.

You find him very friendly.

Unfortunately, the baby boomers that you’re familiar with are less numerous at the office (they’re on the golf course).

Suddenly, you have to start all over again.

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Meet Samuel

He is not attached to your organization (he probably never heard of it), but you must win him over to gain or retain his confidence.

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He is resourceful and impatient
Sam likes things to move at a fast pace and he can find most of the answers he seeks on the Internet. Can he find you on Google? Can he grasp in 3 seconds what you have to offer? Is yours a mobile site? Is your content up to date?

He responds to the image
Sam lives in an era where the image rules. He will pass severe judgment on brands that seem outdated. He bases your credibility mostly on your branding. Will he be disappointed with your presentation?

He doesn’t answer the phone
Sam is easier to reach on social networks or by email. He isn’t much of a believer in promotions or advertising. Are you able to reach him efficiently and build a quality visual relationship with him?

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We all know that B2B and B2C are different but saying so isn’t enough…

In order to continue being successful, you must be able to win over a new generation of buyers, influencers and decision makers.

We can help you get there!

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Why Trust Bang Marketing…

For the Bang team, B2B, B2B2C and B2C2B are more than acronyms! We apply a sound methodology based on 4 fundamental pillars.

The personas

To appeal to your potential customers, it is necessary to know their motivations, frustrations and expectations. What keeps your target-clientele from sleeping at night?

Our value proposition

In marketing, we specialize in making promises … but not just any promises! A value proposition is a unique solution to a specific problem.


There was a time when image was not part of B2B marketing priorities. Today, with the competition an easy click away, your credibility needs a strong brand image.

Web presence

The boundary between virtual and real no longer exists. If you are invisible on the Internet, you are simply invisible. Maintaining a strong web presence is an ongoing mission.

Business to Business marketing

Focussed on business relations
Maximizes the value of trading relationships
Based on niche markets
Multi-stage purchasing cycle
Brand Identity defined by activity sector
Education and awareness elements
Purchases generated by rational factors
Importance of business partnerships

Business to Consumer Marketing

Focussed on products
Maximizes the value of the transaction
Based on expanded market
Purchase cycle comprising a single step
Identity defined by exposure frequency
Efforts focus on POS visibility
Purchases generated by emotional factors
Importance of partnership advertising