Marketing training

Wouldn’t you like to give your team the tools to become more self-sufficient?

Enroll in our private courses and master the basics of writing, SEO and social media

Choose from our two most popular courses!

Writing for the Web while optimizing your site

This training is intended for companies who want to write the content of their website themselves on the occasion of an overhaul, on the creation of a new site, or simply to update their website. We cover the bases of SEO while sharing the best practices of writing for the Web. Coaching services provide a follow-up after the training.

Discover the potential of LinkedIn for business development

Are your sales staff old school? Offer them our 90-day program to maximize all the business potential of LinkedIn. Given that traditional tactics no longer work, that telemarketing is less and less socially accepted and that advertising costs more and performs less, you need to use social media and use it strategically!

Need customized training?

Your employees have specific needs and you would like us to educate them on particular themes? Not being a training school, we cannot offer this service. We strongly suggest you try our coaching program which allows your employees to be coached on an individual basis or in small groups.