Taking the market by storm with a strong brand promise



A wealth of expertise — that’s the advantage of working with bang. Our services cover all marketing fields and are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Here’s how we helped Couture reach their goals.

  • Brand and positioning strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Brand manifesto
  • Brand image redesign
  • Visual platform
  • Search engine optimization strategy
  • Digital content strategy
  • Website design

Check out the results – they speak for themselves!

Repositioning for a different marketing strategy

Couture’s new promise is a powerful one: increase the life span of roofs by at least ten years. By leveraging their expertise in roof maintenance, the team has differentiated itself from its competitors and built a steadfast client base.

Vibrant artistic design

Impressive photos featuring Couture experts and a modern, vibrant brand image underscore the company’s position as the leader in roof maintenance, repair and installation in Quebec.

Evidence that backs up the promise

Words mean nothing without tangible proof. That’s why we created a testimonial section, one where clients voice their satisfaction, thus corroborating the Couture promise.

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