Your branding is more than a logo!

Convey a distinctive image, which reflects the character of your business

At Bang, we create smart brand architectures and lasting visual signatures.

Finding a company or product name is no easy task!

The name is what positions you. Catchy, memorable or multilingual… it must be unique. The original ideas proposed by our creatives are always well founded. But whether it is metaphorical or descriptive, the chosen name must first and foremost be available. So, we do the appropriate legal research before making any recommendation.

Your visual identity is more than an icon.

Beyond the logo itself, a memorable visual identity is used in several ways. Our team submits to you a complete art direction platform including photography, fonts, illustrations and potential applications. All of this adds depth to your image and allows for a whole range of graphic adaptations.

Without graphic standards, creativity can hurt you.

A brandbook is a practical tool that allows you to standardize your internal and external communications and enhance your brand’s value. Thanks to easy- to- implement guidelines and a repertory of good and bad practices, you can make sure that you consistently respect your branding strategy.

Your image is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy

At Bang, we implement brand strategies and develop real toolboxes which include all the elements needed to adequately deploy your image.

  • Brand audit
  • Trend book
  • Positioning strategy
  • Name search
  • Logotype
  • Corporate signature and slogans
  • Visual platform
  • Tone of voice
  • Print formats
  • Digital formats
  • Signage
  • Graphic standards

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