Stand out with impactful graphic design.

From your photos and illustrations to your typography, including the choice of colours and the arrangement of all these aspects, your graphic design plays a vital role in the experience of your prospects. Also, these elements say a lot about your brand, hence the importance of taking care of your image!

To present your organization in the best light, take inspiration from our top 6 trends that will take center stage in B2B in 2022.

Trend #1: Typographic Games

After years and years of being number 1, photography is overtaken by typography among the favourites of web designers. And it’s not just about the text!

Whether it takes up all the space, is animated, or mixes italics and bold, typography also has real graphic appeal. The possibilities are unlimited: an inverted or missing letter, a font that changes on contact with the cursor, certain signs replaced by an image, etc.

Its main strengths? Transmitting your personality directly on the visual while supporting your message graphically.

Trend #2: Whites and the Use of Space

The key here is simplicity! Let your design breathe using the white spaces between the graphic components. By limiting the text on a poster or offering fewer navigation options on your site (fewer buttons, pages, etc.), you can give more weight to its elements.

It is, for example, a perfect choice for a landing page with a specific goal and wishes to trace the most direct path toward its objective. With typographic games, it can be an original alternative to hero images that have become a staple of web design.


Trend #3: Collage

The layering of shapes, a combination of patterns, a combination of drawing and photo: this trend gives a tactile and organic aspect to your designs. If you’re worried about a junk effect, why not add a monochrome filter to unify everything?

Other examples of use: a video showing a “pop-up” book that unfolds in three dimensions to tell your story or, if you are in the paper or green technology sector, your blog’s illustrations.

It’s also an original way to bring a touch of animation to your website or icons by reproducing the movement of folded or cut paper.


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Tendance no 4: le duo 2D et 3D

Pushing one of the key trends of the last year even further, mixing up the visual techniques specific to 2D and 3D is gaining in popularity. The duo can brighten up both the design of your site and its typography. It also makes it easy to customize stock photos!


Trend #5: The Allure of Lines

To complete your 3D characters, cut sections of your website, or even link the different components of an infographic together, lines are popular! Versatile, they can evoke a refined or abstract aspect and recall very simple, freehand drawings.

The I Miss The Office website has understood the effectiveness of lines and their stripping, resulting in a unique web experience!

Trend #6: Risograph Printing

A serial printing technique, risograph printing is characterized by the superposition of colours – often bright –by the grain of its image and specific shifts between its elements, making each illustration unique. This trend offers the opportunity to put Very Peri on the forefront, the colour chosen by Pantone for the year 2022, a vibrant purple symbolizing inventiveness and creativity.

Risograph printing can be recreated digitally! Opt for gradients, especially to modernize its appearance while giving an impactful aspect to your white paper or ebook.

Beyond graphic trends, create visuals in your image.

Our advice: go for a graphic design that matches your brand identity – the strength lies precisely in consistency. And above all, be creative!

Let us know if you want to boost your colour palette or revamp your image with the new year.

The eBang is taking a break until 2022. See you at the beginning of January!

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