Employer branding

From recruitment to mobilization: it’s all about the brand

Polishing your HR marketing helps create a powerful emotional link between your brand and your employees… so you can win the battle for great talent!

With Bang by your side, you will finally understand which buttons to push to attract and retain people who are a genuinely great fit for your organization.

Attract candidates that fit

Fact: it can cost between $13k and $40k to recruit an employee. To make sure you reel in the right people, Bang Marketing conducts research and workshops to better define your culture, your unique benefits, and your employee value propositions (EVP). The result: a solid employer branding strategy and super-effective recruitment tactics!

Mobilize the troops in support of your brand

Once you’ve recruited top talent, keep your employer brand alive so your team stays motivated. Storytelling, interior design, events, special programs: there is no shortage of ways to create a strong bond between your company and your employees! Make sure you “walk the walk,” and follow through with the promises you made during the hiring process.

Avoid losing talent to competitors

The competition is fierce out there, and you may be losing talent to the opposing team. But why? Are their expectations being better met elsewhere? Are they earning a higher salary? Were they simply looking for new challenges? With the proper diagnosis and tailored guidance, you’ll get the insights you need to stop the bleeding – before it’s too late.

Employer branding is so much more than a “careers” page!

Your company is unique and deserves a tailor-made plan – that’s why we have so many tools in our toolbox.

  • Engaging mission, vision, and values
  • Positioning strategy
  • Employee value propositions (EVP)
  • Persona creation
  • Storytelling (brand manifesto)
  • Video production
  • Diagnosis and communication plan
  • Content strategy
  • Careers microsite
  • Recruitment campaign
  • Ambassador program
  • Interior design

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