Our tips for charming new employees. Welcome aboard!

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make an excellent first impression. This is just as true in the corporate world between employees and employers! Welcoming new members plays a crucial role in consolidating your culture. In some cases, their integration can make the difference between disengaged employees and passionate individuals actively participating in the life of your company. Here are our tips for turning their first days into memorable events!

Welcoming new employee, concept illustrated by Bang Marketing

Why is welcoming and integrating new employees so important?

The process of welcoming and integrating new hires occupies a special place in the heart of any organization. It sets the tone for a successful journey, creating a solid foundation for success and great things ahead. A well-executed onboarding experience ensures a smooth transition to a new role and a sense of belonging as doors open to welcome new faces and perspectives. It’s not just about paperwork, general information and handshakes; it’s about weaving a tapestry of support, advice and camaraderie from day one, to make them feel part of the team. By valuing the onboarding process and investing in developing solid relationships, companies cultivate a work culture that fosters long-term commitment, productivity and loyalty for the entire office. Let’s explore the importance of welcoming and integrating new employees and discover the key elements that pave the way for their harmonious integration into the organization’s fabric.

How to welcome a new team member and meet their first expectations ? With the first spark, of course!

Remember that lump that tickled your stomach on your first day at work? If you’ve forgotten that feeling, your future talents will soon too! The welcome and integration program for new hires has a significant role: getting your troops on board with your employer brand. Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, especially when stress is involved. Why not help your recruits get rid of it?

If sincere, every little bit of attention can make a huge difference when taking up a new position.

Welcome kits are a great way to reinforce your brand image while making new members feel unique from day one. They can include the materials the employee will need, a word of welcome, welcome messages from colleagues, and original items in your company’s colours. Does your team like board games? You could add a deck of cards or a puzzle with your logo. Are you a sports fan? T-shirts printed for each cohort of new employees, like a team jersey, would be the perfect addition to your welcome kit. These efforts will undoubtedly be recognized!

Welcome to the team ! A guide to making new employees feel welcome, beyond that initial spark and the welcome message.

Besides these attentions, which will give a unique flavour to your first days, another good practice is to have a structured integration plan: a tour of the premises, a group chat over a good cup of coffee, a handshake from the president or general manager… You could also take photos to immortalize the event and publish them on your company’s social networks. On that day, allow yourself to put aside the technical side of things for a few moments and concentrate on the human side.

Our advice? Be authentic and creative! Your new hires will be touched and will surely share their enthusiasm on social networks or with friends at a 5 à 7. In theory, the equation is relatively simple: engaged employees = a healthy employer brand! Congrats, that’s a win-win!

Your efforts will also benefit your current team. Your corporate culture comes alive by creating a special moment where alums can meet and welcome new colleagues in their own way, not only the HR team. It’s a great way to strengthen team cohesion, an essential element of a strong employer brand and employee engagement.

Share the love!

Your new employees quickly take to your employer brand, and by their own admission, your induction days hit the mark every time? That’s great and a good sign of health for your company. But if your employer brand is attractive, why not share it with as many people as possible?

How do you do it? Your imagination is the only limit! Does your team like to propose a zany – but always good-natured – challenge to each new member to welcome them to their new workplace? Post a photo of the challenge on social networks! Your last happy hour was lively, and with the help of mojitos, your the new colleague settled in even faster than you’d hoped? Share these moments of togetherness that reflect your employer’s brand and corporate core values.

Introduce your recruit on social networks, too. A short, humorous capsule in which the “new kid on the block” talks about their background, skills, and areas of interest, or a photo with a brief description of the strengths they will bring to the team, might do the trick. If your publications support your brand’s DNA, they will bring your image to life with potential employees and customers.

Therefore, the arrival of new colleagues represents an excellent opportunity to work on your employer brand with a fresh perspective. If you need help deciding what strategy to adopt, remember: our door is always wide open!

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