Bpa: impactful engineering

A bright new look for a powerful brand







The advantage of working with Bang is the breadth of our expertise. We intervene in all spheres of marketing… but not for every mandate! Here’s where we came in for BPA.

  • Strategic workshops
  • Perception surveys
  • Brand and positioning strategy
  • Employer brand strategy
  • Value propositions
  • Visual identity redesign
  • Visual platform
  • Graphic variations
  • Web redesign

See our results, that’s all that matters!

Reviewing the brand strategy

As part of our collaboration with BPA, we embarked on a journey of reflection to develop the company’s mission, vision and values. We sought to create a narrative that emphasized the aspirational side of the brand, highlighting its intention to make a meaningful impact on the world. The content developed offers a forward-looking perspective, encapsulating the essence of BPA’s commitment to global transformation through its engineering prowess.

Revitalized logo and updated colour palette

We reimagined BPA’s visual identity by modernizing its logo and colour palette, to better reflect its growth and commitment to sustainable development. The new logo emphasizes BPA’s strength with capital letters and an aerial view of its iconic building. To complement this, we’ve introduced a rich blue-green colour palette, in line with BPA’s commitment to a greener future.

A powerful promise

The “Impactful Engineering” promise reflects the transformative power of building engineering. The work of BPA teams goes beyond the technical, influencing not only aesthetics and economics, but also the social and environmental aspects of the communities they engage with. This promise evokes their commitment to generating multiple positive impacts and their dedication to the planet, underlining the legacy they intend to leave to future generations.

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