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Occupying a strong position in the world market

Bang team interventions

The advantage of working with Bang can be found in the extent of our expertise. We cover the full spectrum of marketing spheres and adapt our services to the specifics of each mandate. Here’s how we helped Eocycle.

  • Brand strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Corporate signature
  • Visual platform
  • Graphics standards manual
  • Website design
  • Writing web content
  • SEO strategy
  • Sales tools (data sheets, brochures, Power Point, banners)

Check out our results! it’s all that really counts!

Transparent Repositioning

Wanting to take the world market by storm, Eocycle, needed to achieve a strong positioning in this young market (small wind turbine), which has not yet established itself.

Simplified Image

In a very technical industry, simplicity is important to inspire confidence and minimize any perceived risk. The solution: an uncomplicated, refined and sincere brand image!

Web Presence Focussed on Users

A website responsive to different screen sizes, eye-catching visuals, and hard hitting calls to action combined to put more wind in Eocycle’s ‘’sales’’ by allowing the company to expand its pool of prospects.

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